the modular notebook

Caeli is a tool for notes and tasks that brings powerful organization to a lightweight messaging interface.

write better notes
Existing notes quickly fall into disarray because they use the wrong data structure: paper-like documents.
Caeli applies proven strategies that developers use to write maintainable code to introduce a new paradigm for notes: short, modular, composable blocks.
Get to the point with our 280-character limit, inspired by Twitter.
Prevent staleness in one block from tainting adjacent information.
Zoom in and out to the right level of abstraction.
stay organized, effortlessly.
Engineers use Caeli to break down their coding tasks and identify blockers.
Small business owners use Caeli to plan and track their projects.
Students use Caeli to organize their lecture notes.
Commuters use Caeli to jot down ideas quickly to remember later.
Athletes use Caeli to plan their workouts.