find your focus

Always relevant notes and tasks.

a modern notes experience
Despite our efforts, traditional notes fall into disarray. Our tools haven't fundamentally changed since early word processors, which were made for long-form, static documents.
Caeli's lightweight structure streamlines the process of capturing, consuming, and managing essential bits of dynamic information.
Only keep essential content, so you have space to think.
Add the details you need without losing sight of the big picture.
be agile
Adapt to change by seamlessly re-organizing your content.
stay organized, effortlessly.
Engineers use Caeli to break down their coding tasks and identify blockers.
Small business owners use Caeli to plan and track their projects.
Students use Caeli to organize their lecture notes.
Commuters use Caeli to jot down ideas quickly to remember later.
Athletes use Caeli to plan their workouts.
share knowledge painlessly.
No more sifting through unrelated chats or outdated wikis. Surface what's relevant to the task at hand, and nothing else.
Caeli is designed to handle changes to your content in stride so that your team can stay focused on what matters.